Bake A Dog A Bone Review- My Honest Opinion

Hey, Nicole here,

Thanks for checking out my blog; you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of the Bake A Dog A Bone pet business guide, written by Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram, experts in the pet business world.

I just want to clarify that I will be giving you an unbiased and unrestricted review of the pet treat business how-to guide. What you are about to read are the essential details you need to know before grabbing a copy yourself.

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So what exactly is the ‘Bake A Dog A Bone’ guide to turning you love for pets into a profitable business?

Bake A Dog A Bone is a comprehensive guide on how to start and successfully run a dog treat business.

The guide details starting a business from the very beginning, and delves into the inner workings of pet treat baking, packaging, marketing, etc. I have read many ebooks on starting businesses, as well as products in the pet niche and there was some great content out there. However, I was most impressed with this guide because it gives you EXACT instructions needed to start your business.

What are the BAD things about the Bake A Dog A Bone ebook?

Just like every product and book I have reviewed, nothing is perfect.
- For some, the financial spreadsheet guide that comes with it may be a little hard to follow for those not familiar with accounting or finance. Don’t worry! With a little patience and time, it will all make sense

What about the GOOD things?

- It is a very easy and enjoying read. The authors have really laid out the guide in a sequential, easy to follow manner.
- They literally cover every detail of starting a pet treat business, and put a lot of thought into the recipes and marketing advice.
- Anyone can follow this guide and become a successful pet treat business owner.
- It provides valuable advice on a growing, highly untapped niche in the pet market.

Click here to visit the Bake A Dog A Bone Official Website

Overall, what do I think?

The Bake A Dog A Bone pet treat business guide is a 126 page, in my eyes, the best how-to instructional business model out there. Both authors are highly successful in the pet industry and have more than enough background to know what they are talking about. I definitely feel you should pick up this guide up and read from start to finish, it’s risk free! You won’t regret it!

Now, go unleash your creativity!


Click here to visit the Bake A Dog A Bone Official Website

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Pet lover? This Business Is For You!

Are you a pet person? How would you like to turn your passion for pets into a six-figure income? That’s exactly what the Bake A Dog A Bone guide tells you how to accomplish. This 126 page ebook not only explains how to start a dog treat business, but also how to run it successfully. Not only is this a fun and highly profitable business, the primary goal is to enhance the health and wellness of pets. The market for all natural treats made from only the freshest ingredients is enormous and largely untapped. The best part is, a pet bakery business can be run from home or store front, with very little capital for start-up costs.

This guide really covers everything. I can give you an in depth look of how detailed it is. To start off, they cover targeting; specifically locating you demographic, developing your treat menu, and market research (the competition). The book then goes into general operations management, followed by a step-by-step guide on starting the business. It details everything from naming your company, to legal formation and establishing a tax identification number.

Don’t know much about the pet treat business? It’s ok because the guide covers pet treat regulation, including licensing and FDA’s regulation of pet food. It also goes into pet nutrition 101 , as well as the actual baking and packaging. It will give some great recipes to get you started, including how to make a dog treat.

I could go on and on about everything this ebook covers, it was written with a lot of attention to detail. Purchase of the guide also comes with a bonus ebook detailing 33 all-natural remedies for common pet health issues (bad breath, fleas, etc). You really can’t beat this deal!

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A Useful Article About Business and Dog Treats

My goal was to create a Bake A Dog A Bone Review and after reading the actual product, I found some interesting things. This guide of 126 pages really delves into all the details of starting up a pet treat business. Did you know that approximately 63% of all United States households (71 million homes) now own at least one pet? And that number is growing. I did a little research and as much as 41Biliion dollars are spent on pets per year! That’s way more than movies, video games, and music. The pet business also seems pretty recession proof, seeing as people view their pets as part of the family (as I do).

The best part is, it doesn’t take much start-up capital. However, it does require planning and commitment, with a side of enthusiasm. This guide literally shows you everything you need to know to start and run a successful pet treat business. Sections covered in the ebook are:
- Identifying and targeting the most profitable niches
- Developing an effective marketing plan for your business
- Find and build relationships with suppliers of nutritional supplements and other pet related gift type items
- Managing the administrative side of the business, including record keeping, billing, taxes, insurance, and regulations
- Designing a plan to build a business you are proud to own and operate, whether it’s a part time of full-time, home based or store front.

The authors are also very reputable. Chris Trombley is the Director of Petco Relations for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of products for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Small Animals, and Aquatic Life. His credentials even go on to include PETsMart and other businesses. The second author, Doug Bertram, is currently the President of eBiz Wize, LLC, a well respected publisher of pet industry information and consultancy. He has also been President of a company called Happy Dog Toys.

Even if I weren’t planning to go into the dog treat business, I would still love the all-about-dog advice. Purchase of this guide comes with a great bonus on remedies of common pet health issues. The bonus in itself comes with a 38 page guide on 33 all-natural remedies (recipes and all!)

I love the layout of this guide. It is very easy to follow and seems to answer any question I would have about pet treats. It even advises you how to develop your pet treat menu and how to make a dog treat. After reading through this ebook, I am thinking about getting into the pet treat business myself! If you have been looking for a great guide on how to start a dog treat business, then this is for you!

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